Galactic Rampage

Model Reel Matias Toloza S

“For years, the people on planet Snake has defended their civilization and home from Octimus, The evil oppressor of life and destructor of worlds. Through the years, the genocide of this people had permitted the evolution of flora in large scale so their survivors had taken advantage from this resources to develop new technologies and colonize new places to live. After years of dead and destruction from this evil octopede, a new challenger has arrived, Gunsnik, a revolutionary who begins to change the destiny of their world. Gunsnik started to move the people to create new defenses. Until one night, Octimus surprises the people of Snake with an inminent offensive invasion, fortunetly, they were waiting for him.”

This is a personal 3D project, wich i made for school. i had created a new world and a new life beyond us, Lightyears from us in future or present, in a different place. As the Star Wars opening says, “In a galaxy far far away…”

I have used as reference some illustrations from Ryan Church as well, like Avatar and Star Wars concepts to guide me in this large journey.

The process can be found on this site ( ) , But im sorry, is in spanish.

this is my personal reel for this project

September 21, 2015