Bounty Hunter 2999

Matias toloza isolatednerdcg finaledit piece1 artstation

Someone its about to die...

Matias toloza isolatednerdcg finaledit piece2 artstation
Matias toloza isolatednerdcg clayfinal1 artstation
Matias toloza isolatednerdcg clayfinal2 artstation
Matias toloza isolatednerdcg robotposewip

Posing robot - At this point i wont made a greater 3d model for this robots.

Matias toloza isolatednerdcg process artstation

Process through the time, enhancing composition, textures and colors.

Matias toloza isolatednerdcg bountyhunter iluminationtestiii interfaseartstationlogo1

Blender Interfase

It took me about 1 month building the scene, texturing, lighting and rendering, but its finally done!
Since i decided to change my render pipeline to Blender Cycles, i started to study Blender and its worth every second! im satisfied with this, it gives me so many ideas to do!

I used maya to modeling, Substance to Texturing, Cycles to Render and Photoshop to post and enhance lighting. Hope you like it!
BEWARE THE HUNTER! The uprising is coming to this world.
The story will continue...

*PD: Find the Easter Egg :D

Participant of the CGTrader Digital Art Competition
References used:
A- Josef Bsharah (
B- Cornelius Dammrich (

And a lot of observation sight.

Some of the textures are from

April 12, 2018