The Seventh Room - SciFi Project

Matias toloza finalrender1

General room camera.

Matias toloza clayrenderseventhroom
Matias toloza interiorfinalrender1

Close in to the desk.

Matias toloza clayrenderseventhroom2
Matias toloza interfase3

3dsMax interface, shaaded materials.

Matias toloza interfase5materials


"Participant of CGTrader Awards"

Hello there, this is a work i made as a personal project. It took me about 1 month, working almost all days(whole day) to build the whole scene with models, textures and illumination. The render took me about 2 days per image with a GTX 950 and a i7 core processor...

I have used maya for modeling the props on the room, and i had downloaded some extra stuff (2 models) to fill some empty spaces.

The respective textures from movies and games are their own property, i have just used them as a fan.

July 23, 2017