The Arrival

So the concept is about a new species arrival on earth, they are colonizers of worlds who travel through cosmos in search of life and resources. We dont know what intentions they have. Why are they here? Are they hostiles? . Be prepared.

I might save this idea for a future big project :).

This is just a concept i got in my head for a few days, and i wanted to build it up on blender so it cant be lost from it!
Worked fast, about 1 day in models and textures on it, and 1 day on lighting and rendering.
About this last one, i used Cycles with 4000 samples, 0,25 Denoising.

*I usually use quite lot samples when working with fog, because the light get stucked between it and make noise on the image. Samples make the light bounces more sweet :).

July 25, 2018