Happy Icecream

Matias toloza 3

Maya Interface

Matias toloza 2

Zbrush Interface, making some details

Matias toloza 1

3ds Max Interface, adding some Vray mtls and lights to the scene.

Matias toloza final icecream
Matias toloza helaado

(Its not the best pic, but it looks good) The original paint on Christchurch by "Buff Monster"

When i went to the city of Christchurch on New Zealand (Love this place), i found a wallpaint very interesting, dont remember exactly wish street is, but its on the main city.
If you are somewhere "Buff Monster" (Artist), you had a great character design.

First, i made the base mesh on Maya wish i exported to Zbrush to sculp and give some soft details. Once im done, exported the Polys to 3ds Max and give `em some textures from Vray.

November 30, 2016